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Operator Control Rooms

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Acoustical Test Chambers

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Machinery Sound Enclosures

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Decorative Noise Control

Dynamometer Testing Cell

Power Sports Dynamometer Test Cell

INC Professional Dyno Test Rooms ensure a stable, repeatable environment for your dynamometer runs and a safe work space for your technicians.
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Industrial Noise Control Products & Noise Control Systems

Sound Seal Announces Acquisition of Industrial Noise Control -

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Industrial Noise Control Products, Noise Control Systems, and Noise Control Materials

Custom Industrial Noise Control Solutions

Industrial Noise Control, Inc. (INC) manufactures a broad range of high performing noise control products and noise control systems and structures used to solve the most common to the most unusual and complex noise control applications.

From a simple noise control curtains to a dynamometer test cell, Industrial Noise Control does it all. Our custom engineered noise control solutions thinks outside the box, inside the box, and all around the box to provide truly customized systems in a timely and cost-effective manner!

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Noise Enclosures

Noise Control Materials

Noise Control Material

Industrial Noise Control, Inc. provides the most durable and high quality noise control materials that are the building blocks of successful noise control projects. We offer a complete selection of flexible noise control materials:

Noise Control Products
& Noise Control Systems

Noise Control Products & Systems

Many noise problems can be solved without custom-engineered solutions and INC has Ready-To-Use products that get the job done! Use these reliable winners to acoustically treat interior spaces, create acoustical partitions, construct sound enclosures and reduce HVAC noise.

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