Noise Control Products

Readily Available Noise Control Products

IAC Acoustics (a division of Sound Seal, Inc) designs and manufactures a broad range of high performing noise control products used to create solutions for industrial, commercial and architectural noise control problems. We have readily available noise control products that block, stop and absorb noise that can be used in almost any application.  Available in rigid metal construction and flexible vinyl construction, we have products that offer noise barrier characteristics of up to STC-58 and noise absorbing characteristics of up to NRC 1.15.

Whether your application requires a simple soundproof curtain partition or a complete suite of acoustical test cells, we have the resources, experience and tested products to meet your needs. 

Common applications include:

  • In-Plant Noise Control
  • Machinery Sound Enclosures
  • Quiet Rooms
  • Sound Booths
  • Control Rooms
  • Pulpits
  • Acoustical Wall panels
  • Noise Barriers
  • Factory Offices
  • Ceiling Baffles
  • HVAC Plenums
  • Noise Control Curtains
  • Portable Noise Partitions
  • Reverberation Control
  • Dynamometer Test Cells
  • Product Testing Chambers
  • Construction Barriers
  • Equipment Screens
  • Thermal Spray Rooms
  • Blower Enclosures
  • Punch Press Sound Enclosures and many more.

Whether you have a complete detailed set of plans and specifications that you need to procure or you have a noise problem that needs a custom solution tailored to meet your goals, we have the design and manufacturing capabilities to provide practical, high-performing solutions.

Pre-Assembled Noise Enclosures

Pre-Engineered ● Factory Finished ● High Performance ● Rugged Portability

Pre-assembled noise enclosures offer a high performance, cost-effective alternative to field built solutions using conventional construction materials or modular acoustical components.

Moduline® Modular Acoustical Panels

In-Plant Offices, Pulpits, Quiet Rooms & Booths

Moduline product line consists of pre-engineered, modular acoustical panels that can be configured and assembled into a wide variety of structures. The variety and type of noise control solutions are endless when combining the basic Moduline module with our full range of components and accessories.

Operator control room

Noishield® Outdoor Noise Barriers

Pre-Fabricated ● High Acoustical Rating ● Weather Resistant ● Easy Installation

IAC Noishield outdoor noise barrier product line consists of pre-engineered, modular acoustical components that can be easily configured and assembled many types of barriers to sound attenuation for many kinds of outdoor noise problems. Our horizontal interlocking panel design creates a sleek, weather resistant assembly that combines high acoustical characteristics with robust structural stability to stand up to the elements.

Flexi-Sorb™ Noise Control Curtain System

Versatile ● Flexible ● Easy To Install ● Durable ● Good Noise Reduction ● Economical

Flexi-Sorb™ noise control curtain product line consists of flexible, durable acoustical curtain panels with pre-engineered support track and framework components that can be configured into a wide variety of full & partial enclosures, barriers and partitions. An IAC noise control curtain system is ideally suited to applications requiring modest noise level reduction and maximum flexibility.

Noise-Foil® Acoustical Metal Panels

Noise-Foil Acoustical Metal Panels combine maximum noise absorption and durability in an attractive, modular unit. Our functional perforated panels can be located anywhere on walls and ceilings to instantly reduce noise levels and control reverberation. Noise-Foil Metal Acoustical Panels provide excellent acoustical and aesthetic enhancement to many different spaces.

Sorba-Glas® Wall Blankets

Tough, High Performance, Flexible Noise Absorbing Blankets

Sorba-Glas® Wall Blankets provide excellent noise absorption characteristics, durability and an ASTM-E84 Class I Fire Rating. This product features an attractive, abrasion resistant quilted facing that is impervious to dirt, grease, solvents and airborne contaminants. High acoustical performance and fire safety combined with ease of installation makes Sorba-Glas® Wall Blankets a very cost-effective solution for a wide range of noise problems.

Bafl-Sorb™ - Sound Absorbing Ceiling Baffles

Bafl-Sorb™ sound absorbing ceiling baffles are a very cost-effective way to reduce reverberation time and eliminate sound reflections from the ceiling in any environment resulting in dramatic improvements in overall acoustics.

Fabri-Sorb™ Decorative Acoustical Panels

Fabri-Sorb™ acoustical panels are easily mounted to walls, ceilings, partitions, or any other flat surfaces and reduce reverberation and compliment any environment.

Portable Noise Screens

Free Standing Mobile Alternative To Permanent Enclosures

Portable Noise Screens are a practical, cost-effective alternative to permanent enclosures, especially in high production, multi-noise source situations

Quiet-Duct® HVAC and Industrial Silencers

Standard Duct Sizes ● High Insertion Loss ● Low Pressure Drop ● Low Break-Out Noise

Quiet-Duct silencers (sound attenuators) are used to reduce airborne noise through commercial HVAC ductwork systems, building openings, sound enclosures, ventilating fans and plenum equipment.

Acoustical Test & Measurement Chambers

Controlled Acoustic Environment ● Repeatable Test Accuracy ● Economical ● Durable.

IAC can design and manufacture engineered test chambers that will provide a specific, controlled acoustical environment in which to perform accurate and repeatable testing of many types. From a table top chamber to a small vehicle test cell, we will custom design a system specifically for your testing criteria.