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Portable Noise Control Right Out Of The Box!

Industrial Noise Control's patented portable noise screens (acoustical screens) are a practical, cost-effective alternative to permanent sound enclosures, especially in high production, multi-noise source situations. These free-standing acoustical screens separate workers from noise sources providing excellent noise barrier and noise absorption characteristics.

Noise Screen Benefits:

Individual screens assemble in minutes and may be easily joined to form wall sections of any length or enclosures of any shape. INC Portable Noise Screens make it quick and easy to create noise partitions, equipment enclosures, employee noise shelters, and work station dividers.

Portable Acoustic Panels (Acoustical Screens)


Acoustic Panels

Standard screen is 4’ wide x 8’ tall and includes fully adjustable feet


Portable Acoustic Panel Swivel Casters

Optional swivel casters provide maximum portability

Noise Screen Product Features

  • Standard 4’x 8’ screens are available from stock
  • Patented snap-together frame with adjustable feet allows for unlimited positioning of your screen
  • Frame is powder coated with a tough black enamel finish for lasting durability
  • Noise barrier and absorber composite curtain panel easily attaches securely to the frame
  • Curtain features our reinforced vinyl barrier laminated to our 1” thick Sorba-Glas® quilted absorber
  • Screen provides STC-25 and NRC 0.75 acoustical performance
  • Unit meets ASTM E84 Class I fire rating
  • Screens assemble in minutes without tools
  • Add our optional swivel casters for maximum portability

Versatile Portable Acoustic Panels

Noise Screen Applications

Industrial Noise Control Portable Noise Screens are extremely versatile. They can be used individually or joined to form partial sound enclosures and partitions.  Here are a few common applications:

  • Noise partitions to separate noisy areas from other populated work areas
  • Equipment sound enclosures to isolate noise sources from the rest of the work environment
  • Employee shelters to manage noise exposure by creating “safe zones” for break and rest areas
  • Work Station Dividers to “Divide and Conquer” the cumulative effect of many noise sources limiting an employee’s noise exposure to their workstation only and reducing TWA

Acoustic Panel Examples

Just like a fixed 8’ tall INC Flexi-Sorb® noise control curtain system, an inter-connected set of INC Portable Noise Screens is an excellent choice for executing any of the above strategies. But our Noise Screens offers one additional huge advantage: as work areas relocate or change size or shape an enclosure or partition comprising a set of INC Portable Noise Screens can move and change with them!

Portable Noise Screen Performance

INC Portable Noise Screen -  Acoustical Data

Portable Screen Style Barrier Absorber   STL / NRC by Octave Band Frequency (Hz) STC NRC
125 250 500 1000 2000 4000
Absorption Data 3/4 LB Vinyl 1” Quilted NR 0.39 0.59 0.87 0.84 0.73 0.59 - 0.75
Barrier Data 3/4 LB Vinyl 1” Quilted TL 15 17 20 25 33 39 25 -

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