Noise Control Materials

Dissipate Sound Energy ‚óŹ Eliminate Reverberation

Industrial Noise Control (INC) offers a complete selection of flexible noise barriers, flexible sound absorbers and flexible acoustical composites that are the building blocks of successful noise control solutions. These materials are well suited for do-it-yourself projects, OEM applications and general safety and noise control as well as facility MRO projects.


Flexible Noise Barriers

Mass-Loaded Opaque Vinyl and Clear Vinyl Noise Barriers

Flexible noise barrier materials are mass-loaded for optimal acoustical performance, and include polyester-reinforced and non-reinforced vinyl versions of various densities, as well as a clear PVC material. These materials are formulated to be excellent limp-mass barriers with sound transmission loss ratings up to STC-29.

Flexible Noise Absorbers

A variety of sound absorbing materials is available for every application including flat and convoluted foam, quilted fiberglass blanket and fibrous duct liner. These products deliver excellent acoustical performance, each with unique physical and acoustical properties to provide a solution ideally suited to your application with sound absorption characteristics to NRC=1.0.

Flexible Noise Barrier/Absorber Composites

Flexible Barriers and Noise Absorbers Combined

Flexible Acoustical Composite materials that both block and absorb noise are constructed by combining any of flexible noise barriers with our flexible noise absorbers. Composites are supplied in rolls, fabricated pieces, and curtain system panels and are excellent material choices for creating noise problem solutions requiring high performance.

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