Dyno Rooms on Horsepower TV

September 02, 2013

When RTM Productions, the producers of the popular Powerblock television series that airs on the Spike Network decided to incorporate a state of the art engine dynamometer testing facility right on the set of Horsepower TV, they turned to us and DTS for the best test facility package in the business.

Powerblock TV is a series of four half-hour “how-to” shows that cover all aspects of automotive performance. Horsepower TV concentrates on how to make greater engine horsepower by such methods as camshaft swaps, carburetor technology, turbo-charging and other modifications of interest to it’s audience.

Joe St. Lawrence, President and Executive Producer of RTM said “We want to have the most technical, advanced design and accurate system available to show our viewers just how these modifications can impact engine performance... and be able to do this on a TV production set that is one of several in the same building.”

An accurate, repeatable, safe and quiet test facility was required to accomplish this. RTM selected the DTS Powermark engine dynamometer – to be housed in an a Dyno Test Room. IAC provided a 12' x 20' high performance test room complete with our SuperVent silenced ventilation system, large picture windows and acoustical door.

The results are impressive! The dyno test room isolates and contains the extremely high sound levels of a testing a 600+ HP engine well enough that filming of one of the other series can take place right next door. We also extract all exhaust gases and heat while completely replacing all of the air in the test room every 6 seconds with fresh outside air.