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Sorba-Glas® Flexible Noise Absorber

Industrial Noise Control Sorba-Glas sound absorbers reduce overall noise levels by dissipating noise energy. Sorba-Glas products combine excellent acoustical performance with a superior ASTM-E84 Class I fire-rating and a tough, impervious facing making it the ideal sound absorber for a wide variety of applications.

Quilted Noise Absorber

Sorba-Glas is offered in bulk rolls, fabricated wall blankets, and in custom fabricated shapes. It is also a featured component in Sorba-Glas Composite Materials, the noise control curtain system and on the portable acoustic panel.

Sorba-Glas quilted sound absorber is available with one or both sides faced, in 1" and 2" thicknesses, limited range of colors and with an optional "hi-temp" silicone coating.

Flexible Noise Absorber Features

  • Light weight, tough, highly abrasion resistant quilted facing is impervious to water, dust, oils grease, airborne contaminants, and most solvents
  • ASTM-E84 Class I fire rating
  • Standard color is Gray, special orders available in White, Blue or Tan
  • 250°F maximum temperature range for standard product
  • Hi-Temp silicone facings available for 500°F maximum temperature range
  • Polyester scrim on un-faced side provides product stability and encapsulates any loose fibers
  • Easily cut, sewn, stapled or grommeted
  • Easily attached to many surfaces using grommeted holes, glued directly to surface, using INC mounting-pin assemblies, or common mechanical fasteners (see also: Adhesives and Accessories)

Sound Absorber Wall Blankets


Sound Absorbing Wall Blankets Installed in a Gymnasium

Flexible Noise Absorber Applications

Sorba-Glas is the best choice for any situation where a sound absorber with an extremely tough facing is required, and in applications where ASTM-E84 Class I fire performance is desired.

The Sorba-Glas wall blanket is a popular application of the product used to reduce reverberant noise in spaces where hard surfaces are predominant. This reliable treatment is effective in a wide variety of in-plant manufacturing and warehouse situations, as well as in many commercial and institutional situations such as multi-purpose rooms, gymnasiums, swimming pool areas, and workout rooms.

Custom Sound Absorber Shapes

Sound Absorber Fabricated Parts

Sorba-Glas® Noise Absorber Custom Shapes & Parts

Another great Sorba-Glas application is lining the hard surfaced interior of an enclosure, cabinet, OEM housing or equipment guarding to enhance overall acoustical performance. This is a very effective way of adding several decibels of additional noise reduction.

These custom fabricated Sorba-Glas pieces are typical of those used to line machine cabinets, housings, guards, etc. The impervious quilted facing prevents oil and other contaminants from penetrating the blanket's inner fibers.

Flexible Noise Absorber Material Selection Tips

  • Select "Faced One Side" when the material will be attached to a wall or other surface
  • Select "Faced Both Sides" when the material will be free-hanging or otherwise exposed on both sides or for additional durability where product may be removed or handled periodically
  • Select 1" thickness for most broad band noise problems
  • Select the 2" thickness where noise levels are higher in the lower frequencies bands - below 500 Hz or when overall noise levels in general are extremely high

Acoustical Performance and Bulk Roll Dimensions

Standard Sorba-Glas Styles - Acoustical Data & Roll Size

Sorba-Glas®  Style Roll Width Roll Length Sq. Ft. NRC by Octave Band Frequency (Hz) NRC
125 250 500 1000 2000 4000
1" Thick Faced One Side
SG-110-25 48” 25’ 100 0.39 0.59 0.87 0.84 0.73 0.59 0.75
SG-110-50 48” 50’ 200 0.39 0.59 0.87 0.84 0.73 0.59 0.75
1" Thick Faced Both Sides
SG-120-25 48” 25’ 100 0.39 0.59 0.87 0.84 0.73 0.59 0.75
SG-120-50 48” 50’ 200 0.39 0.59 0.87 0.84 0.73 0.59 0.75
2" Thick Faced One Side
SG-210-25 48” 25’ 100 0.53 0.77 0.88 0.77 0.71 0.63 0.80
2" Thick Faced Both Sides
SG-220-25 48” 25’ 100 0.53 0.77 0.88 0.77 0.71 0.63 0.80

Download Sorba-Glas Quilted Sound Absorber Data Sorba-Glas Quilted Sound Absorber Data Sheet


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