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Noise & Vibration Damping Materials

Easy-To-Apply Materials That Take the “Ring” Out

Thin metal parts and structures easily transmit noise when impacted or by natural resonance when excited by acoustic energy. Vibrating or resonating metal is a common noise problem in industrial and commercial environments and one that OEM’s must often take into consideration.

These types of noise problems are often easily solved by applying damping material to these metal surfaces. Damping materials work by changing the natural vibration frequency of the vibrating surface and thereby lowering radiated noise and increasing the transmission loss of the material. INC offers two very effective products, INC Damping Compound and INC Vibration Damping Sheets, that convert ordinary sheet metal into damped metal - greatly reducing the tendency to transmit noise and vibration.

Applications: Noise Control Damping Products

INC Damping products can reduce or eliminate “ring”, vibration and noise of sheet metal wherever it is found. Typical applications include:

  • Chutes, bins, & hoppers
  • Motor and transformer housings
  • Machine housing belt guards
  • Sheet metal ducts and parts
  • Metal office furniture
  • Office machine cabinets and covers
  • Air Conditioners, ventilating fans and housings
  • Vehicle body parts, bulkheads, cabs and panels

Vibration Damping Sheets

Noise & Vibration Damping Sheets

  • Two styles available
  • Convenient adhesive-backed sheets easily cut to shape

D305 is an economical filled asphaltic mastic sheet with a density of 102 lbs. per ft3 and is available in 35” x 53” sheets and has a temperature range of -30F to 400F. This material has a loss factor of .05 at 250 Hz on 20 gauge steel. Meets UL 94 flammability rating.

D306 is a PVC vinyl based material with a density of 105 lbs. per ft3 and is available in 54” x 58” sheets and has a temperature range of 0F to 225F and is resistant to a wide rage of chemicals and is easily cleaned. This material has a loss factor of .04 at 1000 Hz on 20 gauge steel. Meets UL 94 flammability rating.

Both styles contains a pressure-sensitive adhesive on one side which is protected by an easily strippable release liner. The adhesive is a high performance, permanent acrylic adhesive which exhibits high tack for easy installation resulting in 100% contact for maximum damping effectiveness.

Noise & Vibration Damping Compound: INC DC-10

  • Vibration Damping CompoundAvailable in 5 gallon cans
  • Brush, trowel, paint, or spray it on to most clean surfaces- convenient form of damping for large coverage areas
  • Resistant to diluted acids, solvents, alkali, grease and fuels
  • Low flame spread and smoke development as tested per ASTM E162 Class I fire rating, and ASTM-D635-63
  • Resistant to most commonly used acids, alkalis, and solvents

INC DC-10 is a visco-elastic sprayable liquid sound damping compound used to reduce noise radiated by vibration or shock excited metal surfaces, suitable for use virtually anywhere such surfaces are found. Ideal for architectural and mechanical equipment applications such as treating ducts, mixing boxes, sound-proof doors, and metal partitions- especially in the new construction field where it is mandatory to use non-combustible or non-smoke generating materials to meet local fire codes and ordinances.

INC DC-10 Damping Compound is easily troweled, sprayed or brushed on to most clean surfaces. Its consistency is similar to sprayable loose paste and does not require extensive stirring or mixing or thickening. Average curing time is 4 to 24 hours at room temperature. This material has a loss factor of .066 at 200 Hz on 20 gauge steel. Non-flammable.

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