Solve Outdoor Noise Problems

Outdoor noise problems, also known as community noise problems, environmental noise problems or simply noise pollution tend to refer to issues of noise related disturbances in a  community or neighborhood caused by outdoor noise sources such as traffic, cooling towers, rooftop mechanical equipment, air conditioners, generators, manufacturing facilities, deep well pumps, utility sites and construction.  Untreated, these noise sources may violate state and local noise level regulations based on zoning or cause annoyance in the community, disturb sleep or interfere with quality of life.

Industrial Noise Control (INC) can solve these problems with a properly designed Noise Barrier Wall, Screen or Noise Enclosure using our Panl-Wall™ ONB line of modular acoustical metal panel products.

Noishield® Outdoor Noise Barriers

Pre-Fabricated ● High Acoustical Rating ● Weather Resistant ● Easy Installation

IAC Noishield outdoor noise barrier product line consists of pre-engineered, modular acoustical components that can be easily configured and assembled many types of barriers to sound attenuation for many kinds of outdoor noise problems. Our horizontal interlocking panel design creates a sleek, weather resistant assembly that combines high acoustical characteristics with robust structural stability to stand up to the elements.