Pre-Assembled Sound Enclosures & Portable Structures

INC Pre-Assembled Noise Enclosures by Industrial Noise Control offer a high performance, cost-effective alternative to field built solutions using conventional construction materials or modular acoustical components. Our pre-assembled noise control structures are the ideal solution for projects with limited time, space or funding. By controlling every aspect of the design and assembly in our factory, we can guarantee levels of mechanical, structural and acoustical performance that are difficult to achieve in the field.

Pre-Assembled Noise Enclosure Benefits

  • Creative Design Possibilities
  • Controlled Fit & Finish Details
  • Shorter Overall Project Lead Time
  • Minimal Site Down Time and Expense
  • No Construction Mess or Disruption
  • Crane or Fork Lift Portability
  • Fixed Total Project Cost
  • High Acoustical & Structural Performance
  • Guaranteed Finished Results

Typical Applications

The design possibilities of an INC pre-assembled structure are limited only by any shipping and handling restrictions that may exist.  Consider these “Drop-In-Place” noise control solutions:

  • Operator Control Rooms
  • Pulpits
  • Crane Cabs
  • Computer Rooms
  • Quiet Rooms
  • Security Rooms
  • Genset Sound Enclosures
  • Acoustical Test Chambers
  • Military SCIF
  • Power Plant Control Rooms
  • In-Plant Offices
  • Quality Control Rooms
  • End of Line Automated Test Cells
  • Field Broadcast / Communication Centers
  • Speech Isolation Rooms
  • Paper Mill Operator Booths
  • Panic Rooms
  • Engine Test Cells

Construction Basics & Available Options

The construction method will depend on the design and performance criteria specified for any given project. For medium duty industrial and commercial applications, we typically base the design around using our modular acoustical panel system called Panl-Wall™ and incorporate unitized assembly methods and floors when required. This can be as simple as assembling a modular panel enclosure to a unitized base frame or floor with fork-lift capability. When a significantly more robust structure is required with greater portability, high acoustical performance and resistance to severe environment we typically start with a fully welded structural sub-frame upon which the walls and ceiling are constructed with either pre-engineered modular components or built-up insulated construction with steel skins.

Acoustical Performance Options

  • Wall construction available up to 10” thick
  • Sound Transmission Loss Ratings to STC 60
  • Interior Sound Absorption Ratings to NRC 1.05
  • Fully insulated and vibration isolated floors

Durability Options

  • Components constructed from electro-galvanized steel, G90 galvanized steel, cold rolled steel, aluminum and stainless steel
  • Standard construction material gauges from 22 gauge to ¼” steel plate
  • Weather package available for outdoor applications
  • Severe duty exterior protection suitable for steel mills and heavy industry applications

Available Doors & Windows

Compatible acoustical doors and window are available in almost any size and configuration to meet the design criteria.

  • Wide range of personnel doors available in custom or industry standard sizes with acoustical ratings to match the project requirements up to STC-52
  • Sliding doors available in similar sizes and performance
  • Many styles of multi-layer glazed windows using tempered, laminated, or wire reinforced glass; polycarbonate and impact / bullet resistant units to UL Level 3
  • Sloping or cantilevered windows and walls available

Ventilation & Electrical Options

  • Complete range of silenced ventilation and climate control packages
  • Variety of electrical lighting, power distribution and accessories
  • Concealed electrical and cable raceways are available in the floor with access covers for convenient data and cable routing

Interior Finishes

  • Painted interior wall surfaces are typically perforated and acoustically absorptive 
  • Painted solid interior surfaces are available and may be treated with individually mounted decorative fabric acoustical panels
  • Floors may be supplied as painted flat or diamond steel plate or finished with a variety tiles and coverings
  • Custom work benches, tables, and shelves are available

Exterior Finishes

INC can provide quality factory finishes to any of our structures including:

  • Industrial duty air-dry enamel paint systems
  • Exterior and marine duty catalyzed epoxy and chemical cure paint systems
  • UV inhibited paint coatings
  • Tnemec Endurashield® outdoor coatings
  • Textured finishes
  • Factory applied EDPM weather-tight roof coverings

Portability Options

  • Fork liftable from the base using dedicated fork tubes
  • Crane liftable from base or top using fixed or detachable lifting brackets
  • Base casters and levelers available for some applications requiring roll-around portability

Pre-Assembled Noise Enclosures

Pre-Engineered ● Factory Finished ● High Performance ● Rugged Portability

Pre-assembled noise enclosures offer a high performance, cost-effective alternative to field built solutions using conventional construction materials or modular acoustical components.