Isolate Equipment & Noise Sources

Isolating a noise source is typically done when a single dominant source such as a machine, process or operation can be identified as the primary source of noise or when it is creating excessive noise levels affecting a large area or number of personnel. The design solutions can range from simple acoustical partitions and noise barriers to custom designed complete equipment or process sound enclosures.

IAC Acoustics provides a variety of designs and structures to achieve this using one or more of our pre-engineered product solutions.

Flexi-Sorb™ Noise Control Curtain System

Versatile ● Flexible ● Easy To Install ● Durable ● Good Noise Reduction ● Economical

Flexi-Sorb™ noise control curtain product line consists of flexible, durable acoustical curtain panels with pre-engineered support track and framework components that can be configured into a wide variety of full & partial enclosures, barriers and partitions. An IAC noise control curtain system is ideally suited to applications requiring modest noise level reduction and maximum flexibility.

Moduline® Modular Acoustical Panels

In-Plant Offices, Pulpits, Quiet Rooms & Booths

Moduline product line consists of pre-engineered, modular acoustical panels that can be configured and assembled into a wide variety of structures. The variety and type of noise control solutions are endless when combining the basic Moduline module with our full range of components and accessories.

Operator control room

Pre-Assembled Noise Enclosures

Pre-Engineered ● Factory Finished ● High Performance ● Rugged Portability

Pre-assembled noise enclosures offer a high performance, cost-effective alternative to field built solutions using conventional construction materials or modular acoustical components.