High Security – Sound isolation Structures (SCIF)

The IAC Acoustics Redeployable Secure Operations Center manufactured by is a unique alternative to the typical built-in-place sensitive compartmentalized information facility (SCIF). Our modular portable facility is designed to meet sensitive compartmentalized information facility (SCIF) requirements and is a cost-effective, expedient solution for high security applications or missions requiring rapid deployment.

Consider an IAC modular SCIF if your requirement could benefit from:

  • Known fixed cost, typically lower than traditional construction methods.
  • Short order to install lead time.
  • Easy site setup with little or no construction mess or debris.
  • Redeployable, scalable movable solution.

Key RSOC Benefits

Designed and constructed of 4” thick pre-engineered factory made modular panels and components, the SCIF arrives at the install site in kit form. Our unique assembly system allows quick setup by two to four installers in a matter of only a few days.

The SCIF can be assembled and disassembled easily in an office space, warehouse, hotel room, tactical operations center, IT facility or any theatre of operation and can be redeployed many times without degradation. The modular design allows it to be customized for your current needs and reconfigured for future expansion or changes in mission objectives.

Compared to standard building construction, the IAC modular construction process is more secure, finished in less time at a lower fixed cost, and avoids the problems and disruptions inherent with traditional construction. The modular design is scalable and can be installed in a variety of configurations from a simple stand-alone unit to a suite of multiple rooms.

Construction Highlights

  • Robust all welded modular galvanized steel panels and components
  • STC-50 panel design meets sound attenuation standards
  • Exceeds ICD 705 SCIF and JAFAN 6/9 SAPF physical security standards
  • Sound absorbing interior panels
  • Variety of finish flooring materials
  • Epoxy finish coating available
  • Internal steel mesh meets physical intrusion standards
  • Integrated RFI/EMI shielding available.
  • SCIF compliant door with LKM7003 lockset, CD X09 lock, magnetic sensor and seals
  • Pre-wired secure power, data and voice connections through single entry point available
  • Interior lighting and HVAC available
  • Can also be supplied as a completely factory assembled, crane lift-able unit
  • Weatherizing available for outdoor installation