Reverberation Control for Commercial, Theatrical, Office and Religious Spaces

Improving sound quality in commercial and personal spaces is often necessary to maximize the use of the facility and enhance the acoustical experience.  This is typically accomplished by acoustically tuning the environment with the proper addition of sound absorption materials into the environment.  Industrial Noise Control (INC) sales engineers can help you determine how much and what type of sound absorption to needed to accomplish the intended results.  The product choices below are specifically designed to function well in commercial and personal environments and be aesthetically pleasing.

  • Decorative Acoustic Wall Panels  
  • Acoustical Ceiling Baffles and Clouds  

Bafl-Sorb™ - Sound Absorbing Ceiling Baffles

Bafl-Sorb™ sound absorbing ceiling baffles are a very cost-effective way to reduce reverberation time and eliminate sound reflections from the ceiling in any environment resulting in dramatic improvements in overall acoustics.

Fabri-Sorb™ Decorative Acoustical Panels

Fabri-Sorb™ acoustical panels are easily mounted to walls, ceilings, partitions, or any other flat surfaces and reduce reverberation and compliment any environment.