Acoustical Test & Measurement Chambers

Industrial Noise Control (INC) can design and manufacture engineered acoustical test chambers that will either isolate the test chamber from the ambient providing a specific, controlled interior acoustical environment in which to perform accurate and repeatable testing; or to enclose the test and contain and isolate high sound levels generated by the test from reaching the ambient.

The design method and materials of construction will depend largely upon the performance criteria specified for any given project.  The most common project will be shipped as modular components and assembled on site.  INC will also provide factory pre-assembled chambers that are portable robust structures complete with isolated floors when required.

Most typical applications can be designed around a version of our Panl-Wall™ modular acoustical panel line as the basis of construction featuring a wide range of performance in a single wall chamber design.  For those applications specifying more stringent performance criteria, we can enhance the panel construction to achieve greater performance, utilize a double-wall chamber design or a combination of thereof. 

For applications requiring specific interior sound absorption or anechoic characteristics and low frequency energy cut-offs, we will utilize a variety of interior sound absorbing components including perforated metal cladding, fiberglass absorbers and foam anechoic wedges of various depths and densities.

Design Features:

  • Single wall panel design up to STC-58
  • Interior sound levels of 35 dBA or Less
  • Low frequency cut-off From 80 Hz to 250 Hz
  • Modular or unitized construction
  • Pre-assembled small parts test chambers
  • Single or double wall design
  • Intrinsically quiet interior lighting
  • Silenced ventilation systems
  • Instrumentation sleeves and cable passes
  • Free field anechoic interior characteristics
  • Diffuse field reverb interior characteristics
  • Meets ASTM E84 Class I Fire Rating

Available Options:

  • RFI / EMI Shielding
  • X-Ray Shielding
  • Ballistic Impact Resistance

Available Doors & Windows


  • Compatible acoustical doors and window are available in almost any size and configuration to meet the design criteria.
  • Wide range of single and double leaf personnel doors available in custom or industry standard sizes with acoustical ratings to match the project requirements up to STC-52
  • Tandem doors available for high isolation chambers
  • Sliding doors available in similar sizes and performance
  • Automated parts doorsMany styles of multi-layer glazed windows using tempered, laminated, or wire reinforced glass; polycarbonate and
  • Many styles of multi-layer glazed windows using tempered, laminated, or wire reinforced glass; polycarbonate and impact / bullet resistant units to UL Level 3
  • Sloping or cantilevered windows and walls available

Ventilation & Electrical Options

  • Complete range of silenced ventilation and climate control packages
  • Variety of electrical lighting, power distribution and accessories


INC can provide quality factory finishes to any of our structures including:

  • Industrial duty air-dry enamel paint systems
  • Extreme duty catalyzed epoxy and chemical cure paint systems
  • Textured finishes

Moduline® Modular Acoustical Panels

In-Plant Offices, Pulpits, Quiet Rooms & Booths

Moduline product line consists of pre-engineered, modular acoustical panels that can be configured and assembled into a wide variety of structures. The variety and type of noise control solutions are endless when combining the basic Moduline module with our full range of components and accessories.

Operator control room