Custom Engineered Noise Control Solutions

The IAC Acoustics Mission - Controlling Noise in Every Environment

IAC Acoustics -- a division of Sound Seal, Inc. -- designs and manufactures a broad range of high performing noise control products and custom engineered systems. IAC provides solutions for the most common to the most unusual and complex industrial, commercial and architectural noise control problems. Whether your application requires a simple soundproof curtain partition or a complete suite of acoustical test cells, we have the resources, experience and tested products to meet your needs.  Common applications include:

  • Machinery Sound Enclosures
  • Quiet Rooms
  • Sound Booths
  • Control Rooms
  • Pulpits
  • Soundproof Partitions
  • Noise Barriers
  • Factory Offices
  • QC Rooms
  • HVAC Plenums
  • Generator Enclosures
  • Printing Press Enclosures
  • Transfer Press Sound Enclosures
  • Dynamometer Test Cells
  • Product Testing Chambers
  • Construction Barriers
  • Equipment Screens
  • Thermal Spray Rooms
  • Blower Enclosures
  • Punch Press Sound Enclosures and many more.

IAC’s unique ability to provide truly customized acoustical systems in a timely and cost-effective manner ensures that your specific project needs and performance goals will never be compromised simply to fit into a standard product offering or pre-conceived solution.

Whether you have a complete detailed set of plans and specifications that you need to procure or you have a noise problem that needs a custom solution tailored to meet your goals, we have the design and manufacturing capabilities to provide practical, high-performing solutions.

Isolate Equipment & Noise Sources

Isolate Equipment & Noise Sources

The decision to isolate the noise source is typically chosen when a single dominant source such as a machine, process or operation can be identified as the primary offender or when it is creating excessive noise levels affecting a large area or number of personnel.

Isolate Personnel

Isolate Operators, Employees & Personnel

The decision to isolate people is typically chosen when personnel require substantial protection from excessive noise levels where the noise cannot be cost-effectively reduced.

Create A Quiet Comfortable Space

Creating a Quiet, Comfortable Space

Many noise problems are a result of poor acoustical conditions within enclosed interior spaces such as factories, warehouses, office areas, atriums, operations centers, etc., where even the smallest amount of sound reverberates and reflects from hard surfaces.

Build Acoustical Test & Measurement Chambers

Build Acoustical Test & Measurement Chambers

IAC Acoustics can design and manufacture engineered test chambers that will provide a specific, controlled acoustical environment in which to perform accurate and repeatable testing of many types. From a table top chamber to a small vehicle test cell, we will custom design a system specifically for your testing criteria.

Solve Outdoor Noise Problems

Solve Outdoor Noise Problems

Outdoor noise problems, also known as community noise problems, environmental noise problems or simply noise pollution tend to refer to issues of noise related disturbances in a community or neighborhood caused by outdoor noise sources such as traffic, cooling towers, rooftop mechanical equipment, air conditioners, generators, manufacturing facilities, deep well pumps, utility sites and construction.

High Security Sound Isolation Structures (SCIF)

High Security – Sound isolation Structures (SCIF)

The INC-MTN Redeployable Secure Operations Center (RSOC) manufactured by IAC Acoustics is a unique alternative to the typical built-in-place sensitive compartmentalized information facility (SCIF).

PowerSports Dynamometer Test Room Solutions

PowerSports Dynamometer Test Room Solutions

Dynamometer testing of engines, motorcycles, and vehicles is an essential process in performance tuning, troubleshooting, OEM R+D development & quality control, endurance testing and verification of horsepower. The PowerSports industry relies on dynamometer testing to maximize performance, provide & validate after-market products and properly tune today’s high performance engines.

Operator Control Rooms

Noise Control for OEM's

Noise Control for OEM’s

Original equipment manufacturers (OEM’s) often need to deliver equipment that meets their customer’s or industry sound level standards. When this requires that the equipment be supplied with an acoustical treatment such as an integrated sound enclosure, IAC Acoustics can provide an engineered solution that will meet the performance requirement and OEM standards.